Mar. 12th, 2003

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Parvati likes me. As more than a friend, more than someone to snog. We're dating. The next person to say anything against her, or against us, is going to have to say it to the tip of my wand.

Most other things are proceeding nicely as well.
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It just dawned on me- the Potion is useless on a large scale. I can't send out the recipe. Pansy knows I'm brewing it, and now that she's taken the Mark... fuck. Well, I can at least say I have a means of making things safer for them, and let them get in touch with me.

Shit. This is going to make things harder... I need more support, sooner, inside and out. I have Fleur, Susan, and now Parvati... I need people on the inside. I need to talk to Goyle, to start out with. Blaise too- he doesn't bear the Mark, but he's Slytherin, which always counts for something.

I need to find a way to better sound out Snape.

A revolution is damned hard to organize.
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Experiment #9:

Ingredient ratios-

For every 2 ml phoenix tears:

4 ml antivenin
6 ml holy water
1 g phosphorous powder
10 cm unicorn hair, cut into 1 cm segments

I was unconcious for precisely 80 minutes. My arm still hurts. I'm going to need help- someone in here to make sure I'm not discovered while I'm passed out, and that this damned stuff doesn't kill me. When I first woke... the Mark was a little less distinct. It reverted soon. But... I refuse to give in now.

So, whom do I ask?


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