Mar. 4th, 2003

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Experiment #2:

Ingredient ratios-

For every 2 ml phoenix tears:

2 ml antivenin

1 ml holy water

1 g phosphorous powder

3 cm unicorn hair, cut into 1 cm segments

The only thing I altered was the phosphorous- change only one element at a time, the Sixth Protocol of Potions says, and that is of course safest.

This potion had no real effect. A bit of nausea. I saw stars. My arm was numb around the Mark for a few minutes. That's all. The solution of other ingredients is too weak. I think the phosphorous is correct, however.
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I have spoken to only five people in any meaningful way since that breakfast- no-one else will exchange a word with me, it seems. Damn it, and damn you all, then- Pansy is still speaking to me, but the rest of my bloody house, except Millicent and the Hawk, you're all too good for me now? I'm some sort of pariah? Fuck that.

Blaise, damn it. You know I don't want Fleur- I have more than enough girl trouble as it stands. You're my friend, my housemate, my roommate, and the best Chaser on my bloody team- any one of those is reason enough for us to talk, to work things out, but we've barely been in the same room since the announcement. I've known you ten years. We need to talk, all right?

Goyle- you're never around these days. We're supposed to be watching each other's backs, remember?

Annie. Always the most reasonable of us all. Why aren't you talking to me?

All right, team- practice Sunday evening. Nothing fancy- mostly we need to discuss strategies and get a feeling for how we can work together, make arrangements to get you all decent brooms, that sort of thing. Drop me a note if you don't have at least a Nimbus 2002.

Speaking of- Millicent, has yours arrived yet? And what's this with you and that bloody Weasley?

Everyone is being too bleeding confusing.


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