Jan. 14th, 2003

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Certain things happen without a plan.

If, last week, you had told me that I would have sex with Pansy in the guest bed at the Patils' house, probably before the twins fell asleep, I would have laughed at you.

If, last week, I had told you that the next morning Padma would wander in asking if we wanted breakfast and see me buck naked, and then, while trying to explain/lie, I would have blurted the story out to Parvati... you would have laugfhed at me.
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Spent the entire day figuring out Parvati's music-playing box. Bloody impossible thing, but the songs... I can't believe nobody knows about these people. They should be famous!! WWN should carry these blokes all the time.

First, you've got a bunch of grungy-looking arseholes called Metallica, who turned 'Whisky In A Jar' into a sound just as hard and rough as any moonshine- shite that would make the Weird Sisters green with envy. They've got a lot of other good songs as well- 'The Unforgiven' and 'Unforgiven II' especially.

Then, there's three guys with long hair called Nirvana. Funny thing is the bloke singing lead looks like an older, less-shaven me in a couple of the pictures Parvati has. They're bloody brilliant.

Thirdly and most importantly are a group called Nine Inch Nails. Their music is surreal. It is worthy of its own religion. 'The Fragile' is like musical architecture, a french Gothic Cathedral of transcendant sound.

I think Parvati said there were electric violins somewhere- I have to get one.

Of course, the truly great thing is being able to spend time with Pansy without constantly having to worry about Father. It's been rather difficuult not to spend the entire day clinging to her, but I've tried for Padma's sake, as it would be a touch uncomfortable for her for us to be all couply all the time, I imagine. Nobody likes it when a couple is completely physically inseperable- except of course for the couple, but as Padma is letting me stay here I ought to be considerate. Yes.


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