Jan. 13th, 2003

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Last night at the ball, Jean-Paul asked me how I'd like going to France for the rest of the summer. As I've got nothing but good memories of the beaches near Marseilles, the first thing I did was go and ask Father if I could. He gave me permission, and I'm headed out this very evening.

I'm sorry to tell you this on such short notice, Pansy, but I suppose you'll have to go and stay with that Ravenclaw friend of yours for the rest of the summer. Tell you what- I'll help you take your things over there while I'm on my way out. The Patil house lies vaguely between me and France, anyway.

Will you be ready to leave this evening?
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I arrived fashionably late with Pansy on one arm and Padma on the other, which was nice, to say the least. The two of them were gracious enough to let me go and gloat to Blaise before Padma slipped away to spend time at the refreshment table.

At the time, that wasn't so comfortable, because I was still (stupidly) annoyed with Pansy. After one cold, awkward dance, we wound up kissing in the middle of the dance floor, which would have been more than a little risky, only Father didn't arrive until later, and therefore our display was incapable of annoying him.

After a few more dances, I noticed that Padma was still by herself on the sidelines, and so I went over and asked her for a waltz. I wonder if Parvati would have danced with me, if she had been there. She can't really like me. I mean, what could she be thinking? She's a Gryffindor and I'm a Slytherin.

Father made a grand entrance shortly thereafter, and I managed to earn his good graces, or so I believe, by stepping in when he was asked to play piano. I took up my violin instead. I've played it for years, but this was my first public performance since before third year, and I think it went quite well.

After that I spoke with Jean-Paul for a while, and talked to father about my taking a holiday in France. I've already talked about that, anyway.

Those were probably the highlights of the night, in any case.

Now, I just have to pack- my school things, as I'll go directly to King's Cross when I return from France, my broom, my wardrobe, and a few miscellaneous extras. For one, I like the rapier I wore with my Musketeers outfirt so well, I don't think I can bear to be parted with it. I haven't had a single fencing lesson in two years, this will give me a chance to catch up with that.

I'm ready.


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