Jan. 8th, 2003

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-spend time with Pansy.

-complete my summer essays.

-browse the new textbooks.


-write an owl to Goyle.
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On th top of the West Tower, actually. I've been flying my old Nimbus 2001 around- to keep her up to date, I've had her refitted and there are a couple of nonstandard modifications now, cutting some corners to make her faster.

I'm sure I must look a mess- flushed, maybe even windburned, my hair all over, but I feel more than good enough after that flight to make up for it.

There's a great view from up here, and a chance to sit and think things out, but I don't feel very introspective.

I saw Pansy in one of the windowseats earlier, and... there! An owl just left the Owlery.

I know exactly what I'm going to do now- get back on the Nimbus, fly down to where she is, and ask if she wants to go for a ride.

Maybe we can come back up here to sit on the roof and... watch the clouds.

Time to fly.
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When I finally caught sight of Pansy through one of the ballroom windows, she was talking to Padma Patil. Well, at least, so I assume- it could have been Parvati, I suppose, only they weren't trying to kill one another.

I'm not sure why, but I wasn't comfortable with the idea of butting in, so I just kept on flying. I'll have to see what Pansy's doing tomorrow. Maybe we can spend some time alone together then.

I started working on a little project that holds... no small interest for me. A theoretical excercise in Potions that may wind up being something practical.

After that, I grabbed my broom again. Four years old, but she still flies like a dream.

Nothing else to say.


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