Jan. 4th, 2003

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Blaise suggested a hangover potion.

Half an hour after drinking it down, I feel completely better.
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Pansy will be coming over, and I find myself unable to wait calmly.

Do you realize, as I just did, that I have seen no-one except Father, Mother, and the servants since the start of July? I itch for human contact, for conversation.

I'm trying to make myself look a little more presentable, of course- I am trying to decide if my hair is long enough to make a decent ponytail or not yet. I've been letting it grow for the past year or so, but it lengthens so damanably slowly... Well, I'll leave it combed loose for the time being. The look certainly works for Father. As for the rest... my French-tailored black silk shirt, I think, the one that was more conservative with the ruffles, and the tapered-leg pants I got last month.

Sod that. I look like Fiebre in that gear. Dark green robes? Maybe those are better... no, it's too warm for robes to be really comfortable. All the more elegant things are really for colder weather, or for balls, and I'm saving all that lot for Annie's father's party. I must find something comfortable, good-looking, and not too Muggle (or Father would have my hide. Though, useless as Muggles may be, they've tailored up some interesting things over the years).

Dark grey shirt, breathable fabric- dark blue trousers of same. Very casual-looking for a Malfoy, but they set off my eyes.

I've already sent an elf to the stables to ready the horses and carriage, just in case Pansy is ready today (which she may well be- when that girl wants something done, she is tenacious. I admire that.)

Well, I'm using too many parentheses, usually a sign that I am distracted and don't have much of substance to say.

Stupid journal.

Maybe I'll write an owl to Goyle. Doubtful that he would (or could) answer before school, we always talked by fire before. So maybe I should just wait instead of owling. We might bump into each other in Diagon Alley.

But then... I made plans with the other Slytherins and not him, and he would know it.
Maybe I should just ask him to meet us there.

I wonder how he's doing.

I wonder what to do.


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